Vintage style vegetable tanned leather belt before and after

Vintage look for a vegetable tanned handmade leather belt. I thought I would share a before and after of our natural leather belt we have available on our website. On the photo on the left is the brand new and unused belt. Notice how pale in color it is. It was completely natural and untreated. The belt on the right is the very same one after extreme use three months later. By extreme use I mean, it was used daily, worn on bright and sunny days, exposed to rain and moisture, denin from my jeans, it was heavily oiled as well and handled roughly. Normally this belt wouldnt darken and develop this kind of gorgeous patina this quickly. Its a bit  more of a slower process, but I wanted to speed it up and thus why it was put through so much. This belt may continue to get darker depending on the kind of use I put it through and each belt will age/patina differently depending on its owners care and use. These beautiful belts will evolve with you and continue to look more and more gorgeous the longer you wear it. Thanks for looking.

vintage handmade vegetable tanned leather belt


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