Our New Handmade Leather Watch Strap and Watch Pouch Collection

We’re proud to announce our latest Handmade Leather Watch Strap and Watch Pouch Collection!


Sorry you haven’t heard from us for a while, we’ve been busy creating some beautiful hand crafted products. So keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements pretty soon.

We’re dedicated to creating unique, bespoke and fine looking leather goods for guys and gals across the Globe.

This collection has six, hand stitched, individually colored watch straps. Watch straps that will bring out they beauty of any well designed and stunning watch face.
To top this off, we’ve created a sexy, dark leather watch pouch, the kind of pouch that looks brilliant now, and betters with age! The kind of pouch that every beautiful watch deserves.

All these goods and more can be found here on our website


Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest too. You can see our latest pins and even pin your own stunning photos of leather goods. We live and breathe unique, hand crafted leather!

Cheers, from Bas and Lokes


I'm a digital marketing consultant with over 7 years experience. After graduating in Journalism, I embraced social media marketing and worked for several top UK agencies. Since going freelance, I now have clients on every continent and regularly contribute to successful blogs and marketing publications.

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