Our Latest Handmade Leather Watch Roll and Pouch


Our latest handmade leather watch roll and pouch.

Ladies and Gents, we introduce our new handmade leather watch roll and pouch as the final blog from our new collection for this week.

Both hand crafted and unique on every scale, this watch roll can hold up to 6 of your finest timepieces. Holding watches up to 50mm wide, this is the perfect roll to pay respect, display, and protect your favourite time pieces.Why not have a different watch for almost every day of the week?


Side by side, these bespoke designs are stylish, made to last, and made for watch lovers just like us!

Notice we’ve added a few of our handmade leather straps to the top picture?

This is to give our followers a cheeky look at more of our stunning, bespoke watch accessories.

We’ve got plenty more to announce in the upcoming weeks. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to see all of our exclusive upcoming competitions and offers.

We’d love to hear your comments and feedback. We use Social Media as we believe products should be shared, especially unique handmade products that we’re proud of. We want to share them with all watch, leather and style lovers out there!

View our leather watch roll and pouch, plus plenty of beautiful designs, just for you! www.basandlokes.com


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2 comments on “Our Latest Handmade Leather Watch Roll and Pouch
  1. Stacy says:

    Hey guys, do you ship to Norway?

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