Reinvent Time: Watch Strap Changing

We’ve all got old watches lying around, some may be vintage, some may be a few years old, having been replaced by a present or an personal treat. Some may be hidden it attics or deep in closets and drawers, forgotten relics replaced by fancy new gadgets.

Sometimes, a new watch strap can completely enhance and change and old watch face, reinventing  recreating and replenishing a classic model.

With such a broad range of watch straps out there today, every timepiece can be rejuvenated potentially hundreds of times, making you feel like you have a new watch,whenever you like!


There are a few essentials you must have/know before you go about buying and changing your watch strap.

Firstly you’ll need to find out your watches ‘Lug Width’, The is the distance between the lugs which determines the size of strap or bracelet that the watch requires. You can measure this with a metric ruler, or check out these diagrams for a more detailed explanation.

Once you’ve measured the lug width, you’ll know exactly what size strap you need.

Next up you’ll need a tool for removing your old strap and replacing it with your new one. Depending on your watch type, you’ll either need some tiny jeweller’s screwdrivers, or a spring bar tool. Check the above links to see which suits your particular model.

Essentially all you are doing is removing the pins that hold the strap to your watch by gently relieving the tension holding the watch pins in place. Be careful not to scratch your watch or lose the pins!


Next it’s just a simple case of choosing the most beautiful strap to replenish and add beauty to your old watch. We’ve taken our own handmade ‘Baron’ green leather watch strap here and given a new lease of life to a vintage Panerai Radiomir. What do you think? Feel free to share your strap replacements with us on Pinterest! We would love to see your reinventions on old classics.

We add new, bespoke, handmade leather watch straps to our website every week, so you’ll never run out of choices.

Have to dash, the clock’s ticking…

Bas and Lokes


I'm a digital marketing consultant with over 7 years experience. After graduating in Journalism, I embraced social media marketing and worked for several top UK agencies. Since going freelance, I now have clients on every continent and regularly contribute to successful blogs and marketing publications.

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