Meet ‘Brent’, Our Latest Handmade Leather iPhone Wallet


Choose from Natural Undyed, Vegetable Tanned, Burgundy or Classic Black!

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy in the workshop hand crafting our latest leather iPhone wallet, ‘Brent’. We made ‘Brent’ because if you’re anything like us, you don’t want to bother having to carry two wallets around, one for your iPhone and one for your cards/cash.

Wouldn’t life be much easier with a slim, handmade leather wallet, boasting cards/cash compartments and a comfortable pouch to protect and hold your iPhone five?


‘Brent’ in the workshop surrounded by tools!

Brent is a clever, minimalist design, hand stitched with wax thread and currently available in four exclusive colors, We’ve chosen a natural undyed vegetable tan design, a beautifully oiled and gently sun tanned model, a sexy burgundy design and a classic black model.

Brent’s card compartment can carry up to three cards, behind this is a compartment that has plenty of space for cash and all important receipts. Opposite this is a comfortable pouch to store your beloved iPhone.

We hand cut, stitch and finish all of our designs in the studio here at Bas and Lokes. We’re constantly developing and evolving our designs with new collections and accessories that compliment modern trends and styles.

We love what we do, we hope you do to!

To view ‘Brent’ and the rest of our latest collection click here.

Cheers Guys,

Bas and Lokes


I'm a digital marketing consultant with over 7 years experience. After graduating in Journalism, I embraced social media marketing and worked for several top UK agencies. Since going freelance, I now have clients on every continent and regularly contribute to successful blogs and marketing publications.

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