Jemtland Handmade Leather Watch Roll

Re-Introducing ‘Jemtland’, our bespoke, handmade leather watch roll. We say bespoke, and we really mean it…

Last Christmas a customer contacted us and said that they wanted an elegant, functional and stylish watch roll. Lokes and I got to work straight away and created this beautiful leather watch roll as an exclusive project. Mr Jemtland was so delighted, we decided to name it after him!


Beautiful, Hand Crafted Protection!

We’ve got to admit, this is a super handsome and meticulously produced watch roll, a project that we’re mega proud of!

So proud that we’re re-making ‘Jemtland’ by hand again as we write this blog, and it’s looking just as great as always, if not better!

Watch roll’s are a perfect way to store, display and protect your most precious timepieces. They’re stylish, elegant and durable. They are also compact and sleek, what’s more, they look better with age!


Rolls up nice and tight for compact travel with your timepiece protection

Visit our website to view more pictures of ‘Jemtland’, alongside a host of new bespoke, handmade leather accessories.

This week we will be adding some new items to our collection.

Thanks for your continued support!

Bas and Lokes


I'm a digital marketing consultant with over 7 years experience. After graduating in Journalism, I embraced social media marketing and worked for several top UK agencies. Since going freelance, I now have clients on every continent and regularly contribute to successful blogs and marketing publications.

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