Citizen Ecozilla on Handmade Bas and Lokes Medici Leather Strap – A Perfect Combination

We just received these beautiful photos from one of our awesome customers. He is wearing our very own Bas and Lokes “Medici” handmade leather watch strap on a really beautiful ‘Citizen Ecozilla’ watch. This is a really excellent combination, with ‘Medici’ really complimenting his Citizen timepiece and looking great!


Bas and Lokes ‘Medici’ Handmade Leather Watch Strap on a Citizen Ecozilla Watch


‘Medici’,One of Our Handmade Leather Watch Straps Looking Sexy!

We often receive pictures of our handmade leather watch straps on our customers favorite watched, sent in by happy shoppers that want to share our bespoke leather work back with us! Feel free to send in your pictures, who knows, your pictures may get their own blog piece too.

“Medici” is a saddle tan handmade leather watch strap made of premium top of the line leather.  We just love the vintage, distressed look of this baby. As you can see, she really compliments the ‘Ecozilla’, contrasting with the metal finish in perfect harmony.

The ‘Citizen Ecozilla’ is a beautiful model in itself, popular with many divers across the world, and a truly beautiful design. Although often seen with a metal strap, you can see how this fantastic design is further complimented with one of our bespoke handmade leather straps! The ‘Ecozilla’ has also been named in the US’s top 100 watched for under $1000 recently!

Feel free to send your favorite Bas and Lokes product photo’s directly to us at

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Have a great week.

Bas and Lokes


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