Meet “Reynolds”, Our New Handmade Leather Pen Case


Bas and Lokes “Reynolds” handmade leather pen case

Making our case for pens.

Consider pens.

They’ve been around for thousands of years, way before the wheel was invented. They were there when humans lived in caves and scratched out communications on walls and stones. They’ve evolved along with us – varying from being made out of sticks, reeds, feathers, and whatever other material was to hand. Ink has ranged from vegetable dyes to (scarily) blood. The pen today has emerged from the mists of time, fully formed, completely customisable, with thousands of different variations for different uses. From the regular ballpoint to the fancy fountain pen to premium brands like Cross, right on to the uber-specialised music-ruling pens and calligraphy pens, there’s – quite literally – something for everyone.

Compare this to the days in 1300 BC Rome, and later in the Dark Ages, where pens consisted simply of a metal or bone stylus with a sharp end for scratching communications onto wax tablets or tabletops, and a flat end to wipe out the writing when it was no longer needed! The metal point fountain pen only appeared in the 1800s, and the ballpoint pen in the 1900s (one of the inventors was named George Biro, which is why the ballpoint was called a ‘biro pen’ for many years).

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’, and really, it makes perfect logical sense as it existed far before and then far outlasted its murderous competitor. Swords today hang on walls and in museums, while the pen is the weapon of choice – ever increasing and evolving despite the fact that we now live in a digital age.


Bas and Lokes “Reynolds” handmade leather pen case

Now that we’ve established its might, let us introduce the perfect sheath for your weapon. Our “Reynolds” handmade leather pen case lovingly and thoughtfully crafted by us here at Bas & Lokes. We’ve considered the pen. We’ve looked deep into its history, and into its future. We’ve thought about why we, and you, love it and need it so much. We’ve realised that we tend to take it for granted – until we need one, and go into panic mode!

Many professions repeatedly advocate always keeping a pen about your person, whether it be business, law, or a creative field like design or art. Professionals who’ve taken up the practice usually take their pens and the accompanying notebooks very seriously, we’ve found. They invest in a quality, premium product that they then carry for years, treating it as a constant companion to their shirt pockets, briefcases or handbags. They use it constantly, any time they need to take a note, register a number, sign a check, or sketch down a quick idea.

So, keeping you folk in mind, we’ve created the perfect protection for your premium pen, a beautiful handmade leather pen case. Available in three colours that will keep looking better with age and beautifully designed to go with absolutely any look, style, or product. So go on. Sheath your weapon. There’s a reason the knights of old advocated it! It’ll last longer, look better, and need less cleaning – and a great pen deserves a great case.

Let us know what you think. We’d love your feedback.

Have a great week

Bas and Lokes


Makers of handmade leather goods. Obsessed with crafting elegant and durable products for folks with a flair for style and quality. We ship worldwide.

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