A Kazimon 1500 on our Bas and Lokes “Joaquin” Handmade Leather Watch Strap


One of our customers sent us a picture of this gorgeous Kazimon 1500, one of the most beautiful (and rare!) bronze watches out there. And it’s all dressed up in our ‘Joaquin’ handmade leather watch strap, a recent but already successful addition to our watch strap collection!

 The Kazimon 1500 is a divers watch, waterproof to 1500 metres. It’s handmade in Germany by brand owner Kazim Kenzo, out of marine bronze, which is very difficult to work with – only 6 pieces are made at a time! The Kazimon 1500’s initial run consisted of only 15 bronze pieces (and 99 stainless steel pieces) so as you can see, they’re really, really limited edition watches. Many watch enthusiasts say that you simply cannot find a better price for the amazing quality of a Kazimon. This is probably because Kazim is not running his company for profit alone, but for the love of making watches and the pursuit of excellence. According to the brand website, “The goal of our company is simple: to provide the highest quality watches possible without compromise to durability, function, accuracy or style…”

Bronze watches in general are rare, and much sought after by enthusiasts as they age very beautifully, finally attaining a dark chocolate colour with time. But however this lovely, polished Kazimon 1500 changes over time, it’s always going to go perfectly with the Joaquin! The rich cognac colour perfectly complements every shade of bronze, and although it starts out with a rich feel to it already, it develops a beautiful patina as it ages. The Joaquin is truly an investment, as it plans to grow old right along with your watch. This customer certainly thought it was a fine match for his Kazimon – and he was right!

Enjoy your day.

Bas and Lokes


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