A Look at Karas Kustoms Render K Pen

karas kustoms render k bas and lokes
Let’s talk about Karas Customs Render K pen for a minute.

I first noticed the Render K on the feed of a new friend on Instagram. Pens don’t usually get me to do a double take. This one did. I quickly found myself looking through Karas Customs Instagram feed and following them and immediately visited their website. By the end of the week, I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I added this pen to the top of my list. I received it a few weeks later and man, was I excited.

First impressions:
This pen rocks. I’ve never been into pens. In fact, for years I have used only mechanical pencils to write business notes and design sketches. I’ve truly loved writing with pencils. Since I received the Render K in August, I have not paid any mind to my pencils at all. I really love this thing. At first, I tried it with a Parker Ink refill and in the end decided that I love it much better with the Pilot Hi Tec C refills that are also compatible. This thing is a pleasure to write with. It is exceptionally well made and as the guys at Karas Customs like to say, this this really is “Quality Bro”. It certainly has an industrial look and feel and its silvery steel look is highly appealing to me as I have a number of every day carry essentials that are silver and many of you know I just love to match my accessories. Even with this pens industrial look, it is also quite professional and sleek looking. Would look fantastic at any business meeting. The Render K feels substantial and if I don’t lose this thing, this pen will probably be with me the rest of my life as its so well made. Many of you guys into tactical carry would appreciate the sturdiness and weight of this pen. I can certainly be used for self defence if needed. The clip on this pen is unlike any clip I’ve ever seen on any pen. Exceptionally strong. I don’t ever see this thing breaking off.

Karas Kustoms Render K Bas and Lokes leather goods

I love this pen so much I was inspired to create some gorgeous handmade leather pen cases that would complement this pen well. Enter the “Reynolds” pen case. We made it in three super gorgeous colours and leathers that we thought would look amazing with this pen and pens similar to it. Some things are just meant to be. I found the beautiful Render K, change the way I write and sketch, get inspired to create a new product, sell a bunch of said new product, meet some nice people throughout the entire process. Pretty cool, eh.

Since I discovered these guys over a month ago, I’ve become a huge fan, started following several of the members of the Karas team on Instagram and have photographed the Render K alongside many of our Bas and Lokes products. Many of our followers have commented on the beauty of the pen and I’ve noticed they too are now following Karas on Instagram. I’ve been in touch with several of the guys and love what they do and love to see what they create. A very talented bunch that I’d love to collaborate with one day. This is the best pen I own and like the guys say on their description on their website they’ve “designed the RENDER K from the ground up to be the last pen you’ll ever need”. I think they’re right. In love with this one.

pen case brown instagram

So go check them out at http://www.KarasKustoms.com Tell them Bas of Bas and Lokes sent ya.

Enjoy your day

Bas and Lokes


Makers of handmade leather goods. Obsessed with crafting elegant and durable products for folks with a flair for style and quality. We ship worldwide.

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