It came in the Form of a Bronze Maranez Layan Timepiece…


Finding a deal on a good watch always brings a jolt of excitement, and this, this was one of those moments. You probably have heard about Maranez watches before, neither had we until a couple of weeks ago when a customer sent us a photo of his bronze, rather brass, Maranez Layan. And there it was – looking all magnificent in its green ‘Wentworth’ handmade one-piece leather strap! Courtesy of none other than yours truly…

You see, a couple of weeks back, we ran a contest in which dozens of you participated – thank y’all! This client, whose identity we prefer to keep secret, lest he gets followed J (kidding!) won the treasured one-piece NATO-inspired green watch strap and this blend of palette gives you that instant feeling that these two were meant to be.

A little walkthrough would be in order here, shall we? See, the Maranez Layan watch is one of those brands that are worth taking a closer look at. Much of it is not revealed, even on their own website – just images of the watches they deal in and scanty but relevant details. At first, it might not satisfy your trust in the make, but a quick glance at the watches on display and you’re likely to think, ‘that’s a jewel I wouldn’t mind sporting!’…but then an overview of the prices and you’ll be like ‘holy moly!’

Maranez has its quarters in Thailand and looks like a miniature operation, something common with these boutique brands. The watches themselves are made in China, not sure of the facilities yet. At the moment, they are offering two watches – the limited edition Racha (just 100 of them) going for $600 as of February, 2013 and the even more limited Layan coming with 50 per variation fetching at just $250.

At first glance of the Racha, you would be forgiven for mistaking the styling cues with the Magrette, or Benarus, not so bad, eh? Its finishing is spot-on, and the cushion case well executed.

The Layan, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether. It may be the more inexpensive of the pair, but is has a more vintage feel to it and its cushion case minus a ratcheting bezel is brass as opposed to the Racha’s steel. If you are a bronze enthusiast who doesn’t mind brass and aren’t into the idea of shelling out over $500, this is a bargain.

Speaking of green…The winner of our contest, a Layan holder, has managed to tweak his with our purely handmade green leather NATO straps and the result is as you can see from the pic! With a green dial, the look is a throwback to the early 20th century and we thought the green one-piece strap would bring some vintage appeal. Turned out we weren’t so mistaken, and neither was our customer. A green-dial Maranez Layan with a green handmade leather ne-piece strap? That’s union right there. Or may be we are getting ahead of ourselves here. What’s your take?

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