A Bas and Lokes Gift Card – the Ultimate Gift for a Handmade Leather Enthusiast

In this mad-dash world of today, gift giving is becoming a lost art. Gifts need not be expensive. You can choose something economical, yet special. That economical special something can be in the form of a Bas and Lokes Gift Card. We know sometimes it can be hard to think of a nice gift for friends or family, especially with so many things running through your mind. The thing about a gift card is, you can never be wrong.


You want to get someone the best handmade leather strap, or handmade leather pen case, or pouch, or wallet, belt, you name it. But you want them to have the freedom to choose their style. Hey, they like to make their own decisions, just let ‘em. Bas and Lokes gift cards come in a wide, convenient price range: from $50 to $500, in $50 increments. What this means is that you can now offer that special someone a gift that meets your budget, and better still, the best gift of all…the chance to shop for themselves.

With our gift cards, you can give the love of your life something special. You can give to family, friends. You can give to employees to motivate and retain them. Your business could reward valuable customers, partners, distributors. And with the holidays just about here with us, it can be a perfect Christmas gift. You can choose the appropriate branding on the gift card packaging, your choice.

You can redeem our cards with any online purchase at our website only. Just get in touch with us and we shall be happy to help you out. A Bas and Lokes gift card is the perfect way to surprise any handmade leather enthusiast. And the best thing about our products? Y’all know the durability of handmade leather goods, right? The memory will last a lifetime. You will thank us later!

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