Porsche Design P’6612 – Another Addition to the Silent Collection


I’ve been a great admirer of watches, something that can be traced back to my childhood years. One of my favorite sections, to date, whenever I visit the store or mall is the watch counter. It is here that I fed my passion for these magnificent devices, at least by sight – admiring what I couldn’t afford then: the Bvlgaris, the DeWitts, the Longines, the Porsche Designs, the Harry Winstons, Bell & Rosses, you name it.

Speaking of the Porsche Design…It was just recently that a memory was stirred when one of our customers sent us these lovely photos of his Porsche watch. His name is Grant, and the watch in question is a P6612 15/2 series Porsche Design, complete with a titanium case. It’s not exactly what I had spotted in my younger days, this was circa 2007 or 2008, but you know a Porsche Design when you see one.

Allow me to share his personal story with y’all:

‘I bought the watch from Watchtime in Melbourne after seeing it on their website and making my mind up that I wanted a ‘sporty’ watch. The truth is when it arrived it just never really fit how I wanted to wear the watch. The black rubber strap was a no-no for more dressed up times and a sporty outdoors type is just not who I am. I had seriously considered trading the watch in for something else and have left it in the box for quite a while. The decision to pick up one of your gorgeous leather straps was a lifeline. The watch’s only real failing was the strap.’

Bas-and-Lokes-Suede-Strap-on-Porsche-Design-P6612That’s Grants story. True he had a point. The Porsche Design had a major shortcoming in the strap – you can attest to this from the photos he sent. The design and colors, though, make a nice visual case for themselves when you look at them. The use of contrasting hues is impressive in execution, and the dial’s design augurs seamlessly with the bezel. But all Porsche Design watches can credit the quality in construction of Eterna for their sporty appeal. Bas-and-Lokes-Suede-Strap-on-Porsche-Design-P6612-watchIf only Grant’s P6612 15/2 series Porsche Design came in a leather strap…But that’s where we come in I guess J Grant contacted Bas and Lokes for a lasting solution to this blemish on an otherwise beautiful timepiece. Armed with the photos of the watch itself, we fidgeted with a bunch of options to find a perfect match from our handmade leather watch strap vault – the Suede Chambers. There were several design options  to choose from actually – the ‘Luxe’ black suede watch strap, the ‘Balthazar’ tan suede watch strap, ‘Darwin’ beige handmade suede watch strap, the Norfolk’ black suede watch strap and others. Enter the ‘Xavier’ tan handmade suede watch strap. Bas-and-Lokes-Suede-Strap-on-Porsche-Design-P6612-watchWe thought this cool-looking Bas and Lokes watch strap (it’s cool, don’t you think?) complete with tan linen thread saddle stitching would give it the luxurious feel of the Porsche (this would go well with the steering too, right?) Looking all menacing, yet a real beauty that caresses. Allures. And feels great on the wrist and voila! The P6612 15/2 series Porsche Design with a tan handmade suede watch strap, with as minimalist an appearance as they come, making it as silent as Grant – clearly not a sporty outdoor person – wanted it.


After-with the suede strap

You can check out an in-depth review of the Porsche Design watch right here: http://indepth.watchprosite.com/show-nblog.post/ti-407511/ Have a good one!

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