The World of Straps – Let’s See what you Got

Types-of-watch-strapsMany people find themselves stuck with watch straps they don’t need. Watch straps that don’t suit their particular taste, or style, preference. We may have probably received the watch as a gift, or thought it was cool when we were buying it, or may be thought the watch itself was awesome but no strap to match. Or the strap doesn’t fit the wrist perfectly; perhaps succumbed to wear and tear. The reasons could be vast. It’s something that happens to everyone and I’m not saying this just because we deal in watch straps. So not the point here, let’s be honest with ourselves.

Bas-and-Lokes-Ace-handmade-leather-watch-strapJust like the apposable thumb, which allowed humans to set themselves apart from the rest of the kingdom Animalia, timepieces experienced a shift from the pocket to the wrist, courtesy of the humble watch strap. In the process, the history of horology was changed. The strap is quite often overlooked, and perhaps the least expensive but indispensable element of a wristwatch. The watch is all but rendered unwearable without it, perhaps stacked away in a drawer, or residing in the pocket. But this is not Breaking News to you…

Rubber-watch-strapsWatch straps come in materials of all types, they are cut from a different cloth: plastic or rubber, fabric, cloth or nylon (yikes!), metal bands (titanium, stainless steel, gold), leather or some other hide, you’ve seen or have them. You’ve encountered many straps in the marketplace. From France, Italy, Asia, America, Australia – they’re everywhere. But what’s the difference? To cut the long story short, let’s just say it’s easier to compare straps to objects we use in our everyday lives: pens, shoes, cars, whatever.

Handmade watch straps cost more than those crafted by machine. Cost of labor. Quality of hides used. Steps involved in quality control. Buckle-less or those sewn in buckles. All of these constituent parts make up the look, feel and cost of your new strap. Can you tell the difference? Well, the best watch straps on the globe come from Artisan workshops. Handcrafted, exotic hides. Old-school craftsmanship (read Bas and Lokes).

Bas-and-Lokes-Brown-handmade-leather-NATO-watch-strapDid you know the first watch straps were made of leather? They have evolved through the decades though, and while they are more stylish and fashionable today, most haven’t changed. At Bas and Lokes, we understand this pretty well. We know watch straps, the best there is. We go back to the basics – the cradle of the strap itself. I’m not blowing my horn here J it’s what we do, c’mon! I can keep going, but lemme save y’all the trouble.

Bas-and-Lokes-Bourne-handmade-leather-watch-strapThe thing with straps is that they can easily be changed to suit an outfit or style – be it tasteful or tactical – or suit a particular mood. Both men’s and women’s watches of any particular style have bracelets and straps that can be changed for whatever reason. But surprisingly, many people aren’t aware of this! We’ve heard it firsthand – from customers, from friends, from people all over. It’s amazing really. But this is not a tutorial on what you need to change and what you need not. To put it simply, don’t feel stuck with a strap you no longer feel suits you, for whatever reason. *Ahem*…this is where we come in.

Bas-and-Lokes-Maximus-handmade-leather-watch-strapFrom the vast collection of handmade leather watch straps at the Bas and Lokes Store, you definitely going to find one that you like, wrong? (then you need to let us know). As many of you already know, you can never go wrong with leather; handcrafted leather strap at that. We know our leather. Irrespective of whatever watch you got, no matter the brand or manufacturer, you can have it switched; just like that 🙂

Funny really…When penning down this post, I probably spent more time trying to come up with a creative title than what I wanted to say. Kept scribbling it down and changing it like a dozen times 🙂 At some point I even had one matching Stephen Hawkings’ – …A Brief History of Time. Hope I’ve managed to get the message home though, don’t mind the title guys!

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