Story of My Life…

Living-root-bridges-of-meghalaya-IndiaEnjoying life is often deemed to be a mindset, the result of action, gratitude and reflection. But with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we find ourselves limited to the things we can do: not enough time to escape to some mountaintop sanctuary to follow our bliss. But what’s the best way to be happy? Do we wait out for a more ideal time to enjoy life?

Well, making practical, everyday changes could be key, yes? Everyone of us has a tale to tell, through the journey they’ve traveled in life. We’ve made choices – some good, some ugly. But it is these decisions that culminate in our journey through life, to the point that we are at. Decisions that have impacted on your life. Story of My Life.

Some of you may be wondering what has prompted this post. You should be relieved to know it’s not some motivational article or anything like that. Neither a review of that smash single by One Direction :). Rather, it’s the experiences of our customers we would love to share – their life experiences, as often as at least once a month.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have customers from far and wide – some corners of the world you didn’t remember existed until it was mentioned to you (it’s not a stab people, just my plain ignorance). You can only but guess that each of them (you right there!) has an interesting story you would love to share.

After hearing and reading about the experiences some of you have had in their lives across the globe, the idea came from Bas – ‘Why not share some of these life stories of you with our clients?’ Came out of the blue she said…

I mean, you have all been wonderful Bas and Lokes customers and your stories are amazing. You’ve been loyal clients, and looking down the years, something that really stands out is the shared bond and love for leather goods. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be this many of you! Birds of a feather you could say…

We appreciate you very much and always try to reciprocate in kind – by giving you the best handmade leather goods you could come across – leather watch straps, leather wallets, belts, pen cases watch cases and pouches, leather gift cards, you name it. You’ve journeyed the earth donning our products and these are some of the stories we would like to share with the world. C’mon, what good is it if you don’t flaunt it, eh?

Starting soon, we will be sharing a short post every now and then about our customers – what would you like to share with us? Anything you think is worth sharing – your hobbies, stuff you’re into, places you’ve been to or plan to visit, possessions that remain dear to you, the watch you wear, the last meal you would go for if you had a few hours to live, favorite drink, your feedback, photos, just about anything you would be interested in sharing – just let us know and we’ll post them on our website!

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