Q & A Interview: Bas and Lokes vs. Grant

Bas-and-Lokes-Handmade-Leather-Goods-Customer-interviewHowdy all,

We’ve decided to throw in some customer life experiences, as promised in an earlier post, that we think are worth sharing with you. We reached out to one of Bas and Lokes’ loyal customers to learn more about his story, his name is Grant (right up there doing the dirt jump). Hails from Perth, Australia, but he’s been on a wild ride across the continents.

And to kick things off, this is his story. We haven’t edited anything, as was shared. Nothing that can evoke the reaction of the government though :), I believe…

Bas and Lokes: Tell us something interesting about yourself?

Grant: It takes me a long time to read a book (I get full value from the cost of a book) I like reading quantum mechanics books and physics books as well though I am not smart enough to fully understand them. Science Bitch.

I am a metal head. \m/   \m/

I have a passion for shoes (Jeffery West’s) and not unusual to have 40 pairs or so. I grew up racing BMX bikes and then traded up to racing on the velodrome in my teens, 20 odd years later I have bought another BMX bike and want to get back into racing in my late 30’s.


Bas and Lokes: What are some of your passions or things you enjoy most about your life?

Grant: Shoes, whisky and my wife. 

I like street art and modern art even if it doesn’t make sense but not tagging, I mean when my 5 year old writes his name on the wall he gets a kick up the arse.

Being Scottish I have an affinity for whisky and I adore the idea that 2 barrels of whisky can sit side by side in a warehouse for 20 or 30 or more years and produce different spirit. Some things are meant to be left to chance.


I have the biggest sense of freedom on a bike (bmx/track/road bike/mountain whatever) as a 7y/o riding on my first BMX track @ Southside BMX here in Perth it was a revelation. It’s crazy to say but the excitement and enjoyment has never gone even after a long time off the bike.


Bas and Lokes: What are some of your favourite possessions?

Grant: A cheap elephant ring that belonged to my mum, my collection of shoes (shoe slut) and my bottles of whisky (collect Japanese whisky) and a fork with a cork stuck over the end that my wife gave to me, her way of saying I am “special” (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ref http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqMc9B7uDV8)

Bas and Lokes: What kind of work do you do?

Grant: Retail designer for a national design and construct company (www.thinknational.com.au), and I am based out of Perth.

Mainly design pharmacies and stores you see in shopping centres.

My wife has her own clothing store (www.blackcurrantclothing.com) shameless plug.

Bas and Lokes: What are some things you are most proud of?

Grant: Obliged to say my wife and 3 kids but truthfully it was my state titles for BMX and Track cycling when I was a kid.

The 80’s and 90’s were good to me on a bike.


Bas and Lokes: First watch you had or loved?

Grant: Back in 1988 I whined and pestered my parents for a Tag Heuer Formula One in Green and Red to match my idol Andy Hampsten. Andy rode for the 7-11 Cycling team and that year won the Giro D’Italia with a climb up a mountain in the freezing snow. My mum or dad picked one up in Singapore and I still have the watch and box though I did have to go looking for it in a cupboard.


Bas and Lokes: Anything you want to mention?

Grant: Find / download / steal and watch the documentary Bill Cunningham: New York.

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life


Quite a ride that, we thought. What do you think of Grant’s story? Not just the lady folk that love shoes, see? see?! Way to go Grant! Congratulations, and hope the renewed passion turns great for you. The wine, btw, looks exquisite!

Do you have a story you would wish to share? Just email us. Hope you enjoyed this one, speak another day.


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One comment on “Q & A Interview: Bas and Lokes vs. Grant
  1. Gr8scot says:

    Hope you were able to find the Cunningham documentary, it’s an inspirational watch.
    Youtube link for a very short version.

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