Introducing the “James” Handmade Natural Vegetable-tanned Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag


Many a women folk need a modest suitcase to carry their toiletries in – others somewhat large – but a traveling man only requires a couple of essentials and he’ll be good to go. All the same, the man also needs a place to pack these items. Enter the dopp kit! It has been around for some time now. Know how they came to be? Let’s take a brief travel back in time, shall we?

It was in the early 1900s, 1919 to be exact, that dopp kits came into existence, courtesy of one German leather goods craftsman who immigrated to Chicago: Government name, Charles Doppelt. It is from his name that the ‘Dopp’ cognomen was coined, in honor of gifting the world this handy toiletry pouch. Doppelt was to later land a lucrative contract with the US Army during WWII, after being tasked with provision of the kits to millions of American GIs.

The bags became quite a hit and a darling of many, especially given that Doppelt’s were crafted from pure leather that could withstand the harsh conditions of the times, let alone during the war. The demand for the cases soared after American men went back home following the war, and just like that, a trend was born.


Bas and Lokes James black handmade leather dopp kit toiletry bag

Dopp pouches are readily available. In fact, you can find them in stores for less than $10. And sure, get the job done they will. But if it’s class you want, class you’ll only find in leather baby. You’ll fork out more that’s for sure, but what lasts forever, ages gracefully and something you can be proud of owning and carrying around that isn’t? That’s what good leather gets you. Sure, diamonds too…Something you can pass down through generations, and share the tales of all the places you’ve been to with it.

Our very own Bas and Lokes “James” handmade toiletry bag design guarantees you longevity, quality, style and class all stowed in one sturdy but lightweight, luxurious case. Just like any dopp kit, you can pack an array of essentials in it at once: deodorant/anti-perspirant/cologne, shampoo/conditioner, bar of soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, shaving supplies (cream, razor, brush), lip balm, safety pins you name it. But unlike any other case, this, this right here will be a fashionable travel yokefellow that will be handed down even to your grandson, all the while achieving a lovely patina as the years wear on.


Bas and Lokes James natural handmade leather dopp kit/toiletry bag

Initially, we offered the toiletry bag only in black, but with many requests coming in for natural, the best we could have done was bring it to fruition . We are proud to present the “James” Natural Handmade Leather Dopp Kit: the definition of beauty, seduction, and the mark of a true, meticulous man. It’s difficult to resist, no? Well, for those who still prefer the darker tastes in life, the classic “James” Black Handmade Leather Toiletry Bag will cut.

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