Unleashing the “Nathan” Long Wallet and “Keryn” Passport Wallet, your New Perfect Companions


Hello everyone,

We just launched some new refined accessories in the form of the “Nathan” Long Wallet and “Keryn” Passport Wallet. Initially, we only had them in one colour but due to public demand to make them in more shades, we are happy to announce that we have fulfilled that desire, the fruit of some meticulous labor and hours put in to give you another object of desire! They are now available in a variety of hues, lively or subdued, and as always, stylish.

Each model is designed to match with a variety of accessories – from top to bottom – and most importantly they’re all handcrafted leather wallets that can withstand the test of time as you embark on crazy adventures wherever you go.

The “Keryn” Passport Wallet: Talk about Versatility

Mention the words ‘travel wallet’ and one of the first things that probably springs to mind is ‘versatility’. Our new “Keryn” passport wallets are the embodiment of just that. See, travel wallets should be the one place you tuck all your vital travel documents when on a long haul journey – business or mere jaunt.


It could be anything from passports to cash to receipts to every day carry essentials. In such a case, what you need is space and “Keryn” sure got lots of it without compromising on style. It boasts two front slots that can hold up to six cards, with the inner compartment great for holding your passport, cash or receipts effortlessly. Meaning that this elegant passport wallet with lustrous, finished edges can be used for everyday carry stuff, not just for brandishing whenever calls of duty arise.

The Bas and Lokes “Keryn” passport wallet now comes in shades of black, brown and natural bespoke leather – all premium cow leather that will give you the urban chic and sophistication, whether in executive, casual or party wear, a look you can obtain for just $95.


Available now for shopping!

“Nathan” Long Wallet: An Elegant Accessory to Match your Bag

Its name speaks for itself. The “Nathan” Long Wallet is what you would call accommodating. This, too, was available only in black but we’ve diversified the line to now include brown and vegetable tanned leather.


See, this is not just another long leather wallet that can accommodate your stuff. The “Nathan” long wallet is an intelligently designed piece of accessory. It has dedicated compartments on the front that can hold up to one…two…three…six cards! It boasts three slots each of which is capable of stacking two cards – you know, just to be sure…Lokes even managed to stuff three in each 🙂

The “Nathan” range is designed to coordinate with a variety of bags, so you have more choice now. You can call it a model of efficiency given that the pockets offer the most in practicality. The middle compartment leaves adequate room for receipts and other important stuff you don’t want crumpled. Even the cash: you can stash it lengthwise if that’s how you like it. It’s as simple as it gets.


This all-in-one handmade leather wallet line, each with its own matching waxed linen thread, is handcrafted from premium cow leather and you can no doubt bet on it to last you a lifetime – but what product of ours cant you? No, really…It’s a perfect companion to carry with your bag – for both boys and girls. And of course, beautifully finished with the custom signature you’ve all grown accustomed to whenever you think leather – Bas and Lokes.

They’re yours to choose!

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Story of My Life…

Living-root-bridges-of-meghalaya-IndiaEnjoying life is often deemed to be a mindset, the result of action, gratitude and reflection. But with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we find ourselves limited to the things we can do: not enough time to escape to some mountaintop sanctuary to follow our bliss. But what’s the best way to be happy? Do we wait out for a more ideal time to enjoy life?

Well, making practical, everyday changes could be key, yes? Everyone of us has a tale to tell, through the journey they’ve traveled in life. We’ve made choices – some good, some ugly. But it is these decisions that culminate in our journey through life, to the point that we are at. Decisions that have impacted on your life. Story of My Life.

Some of you may be wondering what has prompted this post. You should be relieved to know it’s not some motivational article or anything like that. Neither a review of that smash single by One Direction :). Rather, it’s the experiences of our customers we would love to share – their life experiences, as often as at least once a month.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have customers from far and wide – some corners of the world you didn’t remember existed until it was mentioned to you (it’s not a stab people, just my plain ignorance). You can only but guess that each of them (you right there!) has an interesting story you would love to share.

After hearing and reading about the experiences some of you have had in their lives across the globe, the idea came from Bas – ‘Why not share some of these life stories of you with our clients?’ Came out of the blue she said…

I mean, you have all been wonderful Bas and Lokes customers and your stories are amazing. You’ve been loyal clients, and looking down the years, something that really stands out is the shared bond and love for leather goods. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be this many of you! Birds of a feather you could say…

We appreciate you very much and always try to reciprocate in kind – by giving you the best handmade leather goods you could come across – leather watch straps, leather wallets, belts, pen cases watch cases and pouches, leather gift cards, you name it. You’ve journeyed the earth donning our products and these are some of the stories we would like to share with the world. C’mon, what good is it if you don’t flaunt it, eh?

Starting soon, we will be sharing a short post every now and then about our customers – what would you like to share with us? Anything you think is worth sharing – your hobbies, stuff you’re into, places you’ve been to or plan to visit, possessions that remain dear to you, the watch you wear, the last meal you would go for if you had a few hours to live, favorite drink, your feedback, photos, just about anything you would be interested in sharing – just let us know and we’ll post them on our website!

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The World of Straps – Let’s See what you Got

Types-of-watch-strapsMany people find themselves stuck with watch straps they don’t need. Watch straps that don’t suit their particular taste, or style, preference. We may have probably received the watch as a gift, or thought it was cool when we were buying it, or may be thought the watch itself was awesome but no strap to match. Or the strap doesn’t fit the wrist perfectly; perhaps succumbed to wear and tear. The reasons could be vast. It’s something that happens to everyone and I’m not saying this just because we deal in watch straps. So not the point here, let’s be honest with ourselves. Read more ›

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Porsche Design P’6612 – Another Addition to the Silent Collection


I’ve been a great admirer of watches, something that can be traced back to my childhood years. One of my favorite sections, to date, whenever I visit the store or mall is the watch counter. It is here that I fed my passion for these magnificent devices, at least by sight – admiring what I couldn’t afford then: the Bvlgaris, the DeWitts, the Longines, the Porsche Designs, the Harry Winstons, Bell & Rosses, you name it.

Speaking of the Porsche Design…It was just recently that a memory was stirred when one of our customers sent us these lovely photos of his Porsche watch. Read more ›

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A Bas and Lokes Gift Card – the Ultimate Gift for a Handmade Leather Enthusiast

In this mad-dash world of today, gift giving is becoming a lost art. Gifts need not be expensive. You can choose something economical, yet special. That economical special something can be in the form of a Bas and Lokes Gift Card. We know sometimes it can be hard to think of a nice gift for friends or family, especially with so many things running through your mind. The thing about a gift card is, you can never be wrong.


You want to get someone the best handmade leather strap, or handmade leather pen case, or pouch, or wallet, belt, you name it. But you want them to have the freedom to choose their style. Hey, they like to make their own decisions, just let ‘em. Bas and Lokes gift cards come in a wide, convenient price range: from $50 to $500, in $50 increments. What this means is that you can now offer that special someone a gift that meets your budget, and better still, the best gift of all…the chance to shop for themselves.

With our gift cards, you can give the love of your life something special. You can give to family, friends. You can give to employees to motivate and retain them. Your business could reward valuable customers, partners, distributors. And with the holidays just about here with us, it can be a perfect Christmas gift. You can choose the appropriate branding on the gift card packaging, your choice.

You can redeem our cards with any online purchase at our website only. Just get in touch with us and we shall be happy to help you out. A Bas and Lokes gift card is the perfect way to surprise any handmade leather enthusiast. And the best thing about our products? Y’all know the durability of handmade leather goods, right? The memory will last a lifetime. You will thank us later!

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It came in the Form of a Bronze Maranez Layan Timepiece…


Finding a deal on a good watch always brings a jolt of excitement, and this, this was one of those moments. You probably have heard about Maranez watches before, neither had we until a couple of weeks ago when a customer sent us a photo of his bronze, rather brass, Maranez Layan. And there it was – looking all magnificent in its green ‘Wentworth’ handmade one-piece leather strap! Courtesy of none other than yours truly… Read more ›

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A Look at Karas Kustoms Render K Pen

karas kustoms render k bas and lokes
Let’s talk about Karas Customs Render K pen for a minute.

I first noticed the Render K on the feed of a new friend on Instagram. Pens don’t usually get me to do a double take. This one did. I quickly found myself looking through Karas Customs Instagram feed and following them and immediately visited their website. By the end of the week, I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I added this pen to the top of my list. I received it a few weeks later and man, was I excited.

First impressions:
This pen rocks. I’ve never been into pens. In fact, for years I have used only mechanical pencils to write business notes and design sketches. I’ve truly loved writing with pencils. Since I received the Render K in August, I have not paid any mind to my pencils at all. I really love this thing. At first, I tried it with a Parker Ink refill and in the end decided that I love it much better with the Pilot Hi Tec C refills that are also compatible. This thing is a pleasure to write with. It is exceptionally well made and as the guys at Karas Customs like to say, this this really is “Quality Bro”. It certainly has an industrial look and feel and its silvery steel look is highly appealing to me as I have a number of every day carry essentials that are silver and many of you know I just love to match my accessories. Even with this pens industrial look, it is also quite professional and sleek looking. Would look fantastic at any business meeting. The Render K feels substantial and if I don’t lose this thing, this pen will probably be with me the rest of my life as its so well made. Many of you guys into tactical carry would appreciate the sturdiness and weight of this pen. I can certainly be used for self defence if needed. The clip on this pen is unlike any clip I’ve ever seen on any pen. Exceptionally strong. I don’t ever see this thing breaking off.

Karas Kustoms Render K Bas and Lokes leather goods

I love this pen so much I was inspired to create some gorgeous handmade leather pen cases that would complement this pen well. Enter the “Reynolds” pen case. We made it in three super gorgeous colours and leathers that we thought would look amazing with this pen and pens similar to it. Some things are just meant to be. I found the beautiful Render K, change the way I write and sketch, get inspired to create a new product, sell a bunch of said new product, meet some nice people throughout the entire process. Pretty cool, eh.

Since I discovered these guys over a month ago, I’ve become a huge fan, started following several of the members of the Karas team on Instagram and have photographed the Render K alongside many of our Bas and Lokes products. Many of our followers have commented on the beauty of the pen and I’ve noticed they too are now following Karas on Instagram. I’ve been in touch with several of the guys and love what they do and love to see what they create. A very talented bunch that I’d love to collaborate with one day. This is the best pen I own and like the guys say on their description on their website they’ve “designed the RENDER K from the ground up to be the last pen you’ll ever need”. I think they’re right. In love with this one.

pen case brown instagram

So go check them out at http://www.KarasKustoms.com Tell them Bas of Bas and Lokes sent ya.

Enjoy your day

Bas and Lokes

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