Unleashing the “Nathan” Long Wallet and “Keryn” Passport Wallet, your New Perfect Companions


Hello everyone,

We just launched some new refined accessories in the form of the “Nathan” Long Wallet and “Keryn” Passport Wallet. Initially, we only had them in one colour but due to public demand to make them in more shades, we are happy to announce that we have fulfilled that desire, the fruit of some meticulous labor and hours put in to give you another object of desire! They are now available in a variety of hues, lively or subdued, and as always, stylish.

Each model is designed to match with a variety of accessories – from top to bottom – and most importantly they’re all handcrafted leather wallets that can withstand the test of time as you embark on crazy adventures wherever you go.

The “Keryn” Passport Wallet: Talk about Versatility

Mention the words ‘travel wallet’ and one of the first things that probably springs to mind is ‘versatility’. Our new “Keryn” passport wallets are the embodiment of just that. See, travel wallets should be the one place you tuck all your vital travel documents when on a long haul journey – business or mere jaunt.


It could be anything from passports to cash to receipts to every day carry essentials. In such a case, what you need is space and “Keryn” sure got lots of it without compromising on style. It boasts two front slots that can hold up to six cards, with the inner compartment great for holding your passport, cash or receipts effortlessly. Meaning that this elegant passport wallet with lustrous, finished edges can be used for everyday carry stuff, not just for brandishing whenever calls of duty arise.

The Bas and Lokes “Keryn” passport wallet now comes in shades of black, brown and natural bespoke leather – all premium cow leather that will give you the urban chic and sophistication, whether in executive, casual or party wear, a look you can obtain for just $95.


Available now for shopping!

“Nathan” Long Wallet: An Elegant Accessory to Match your Bag

Its name speaks for itself. The “Nathan” Long Wallet is what you would call accommodating. This, too, was available only in black but we’ve diversified the line to now include brown and vegetable tanned leather.


See, this is not just another long leather wallet that can accommodate your stuff. The “Nathan” long wallet is an intelligently designed piece of accessory. It has dedicated compartments on the front that can hold up to one…two…three…six cards! It boasts three slots each of which is capable of stacking two cards – you know, just to be sure…Lokes even managed to stuff three in each 🙂

The “Nathan” range is designed to coordinate with a variety of bags, so you have more choice now. You can call it a model of efficiency given that the pockets offer the most in practicality. The middle compartment leaves adequate room for receipts and other important stuff you don’t want crumpled. Even the cash: you can stash it lengthwise if that’s how you like it. It’s as simple as it gets.


This all-in-one handmade leather wallet line, each with its own matching waxed linen thread, is handcrafted from premium cow leather and you can no doubt bet on it to last you a lifetime – but what product of ours cant you? No, really…It’s a perfect companion to carry with your bag – for both boys and girls. And of course, beautifully finished with the custom signature you’ve all grown accustomed to whenever you think leather – Bas and Lokes.

They’re yours to choose!

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