Our Workshop Visual Journal

Hello Friends,

We know lots of you get curious about what things look like over here. We thought we would start showing random photos from time to time of the products we make, the process, behind the scenes entertainment for you curious folk! So here are a few photos of some of the products we are working on this week. Stay tuned for more soon. 




Bas and Lokes

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Meet Our “Bubbly” Leather Coasters.


Hi everyone,

Meet our new “Bubbly” handmade leather coasters. They are exactly what you need to keep your surfaces free from stains.  Not your average coasters. These have fun design reminiscent of fizzy bubbles found in carbonated beverages. Very fitting, we thought. These are available in three different colours. The natural vegetable tanned leather will develop the most patina and will look even more beautiful as it absorbs condensation and spills (as seen in the photo below). Gorgeous. Set of four coasters. Measures 4″ x 4″.



Thanks for looking. Have a great day.

Bas and Lokes

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The Versatile Gent Features our Newest Strap Collection

Hi Everyone,

We’re excited that our newest watch strap collection is being featured this week on The Versatile Gent blog. Thanks so much to James for writing the article and for including us. We’re very honoured.




Bas and Lokes


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Bas and Lokes Newest Handmade Leather Watch Strap Collection

Bas and Lokes Handmade Leather Watch Strap Collection

Introducing our newest handmade leather watch strap collection. We think it is one of our most beautiful yet. This beautiful hand crafted collection has a vintage flair. Each strap is created to look and feel as if it has an interesting story to tell. Flaunting handsome good looks, rich in character and very comfortable to wear, these guys are sure to look exquisite on your favorite timepiece.

All our straps are made from premium quality American cow leather from some of the best tanneries and using some of the best linen and nylon threads around. Everything is entirely hand crafted by us in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Hope you love them.

Bas and Lokes


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In Time for Black Friday: A Holiday Gift Guide for Leather Aficionados


The holiday season is approaching fast. Before you realize it, it will be Thanksgiving. Folks will be darting to do their Black Friday shopping early next morning, and then it’s just a few weeks away until the gift-giving season is here with us. It’s that time…

That said, now is the time to start looking into what you could get that someone who appreciates the finer things in life, even the boss who’s got everything! The thing is, with bespoke leather goods, you can never go wrong. At Bas and Lokes, we’ve tried to simplify the decision of what to get them for you – whether they are watch enthusiasts, frequent travelers, the fashion-conscious or color-matching freaks, we got it all! We’ve even included some of the customer favorites if you would rather go with the unanimous decision.

1.      For the City Slicker

Starting the list is the gift guide for the city slicker.


Being made of some of the best leather you could lay your paws on, you’ll be glorified for this. Trust us. A true city slicker’s look cannot be complete without this. This luscious leather is guaranteed to add beauty, sophistication and elegance to your individual style. As a result of the super durability, consider this a lifetime investment and treasure that you can even pass down your family line.

2.      For the Color Coordinated

When it comes to apparel, your color choice can say a great deal about your personality. Know what dressing in naturals from head to toe says about you? Sophistication baby! That’s what you get with the gift guide for the color coordinated.


This Bas and Lokes gift guide looks every bit unique – key on every detail – right down to the stitching.

3.      For the Traveler

The gift guide for the traveler offers you stylish travel essentials taking some of the most common needs into consideration: dopp kit, a wide range of passport wallets, leather watch pouch and a chic pen case to match.


Be it a business trip you’re taking or an overseas sashay, the traveler gift guide will always come in handy when organizing your items. Very ideal!

4.      Stocking Stuffer

How about something different from the tired and oh-so-cheap gifts we’ve been giving or receiving throughout the years?


The Bas and Lokes stocking stuffer will no doubt be the most treasured small gift to give – if your mark is someone who loves luxurious items. Oozing class and personality, you could make this the most talked-about surprise of the season!

5.      For the Watch Lover

The watch lover gift guide is the sure stop to get that handmade leather watch strap you’ve been dilly-dallying about for ages. And now would just be the perfect time to cross that off your list, wouldn’t it? Whether it’s for him or her, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to choose.


The good thing about it though, is whatever decision you make, it will be the right decision. How about that for freedom of choice? Our watch strap vault will make even the traditionally hawk-eyed Russians go ooh and ahhh…

6.      Customer Favorites

If you aren’t sure what you want to get but need some bespoke leather products this season, check out the tried-and-tested customer favorites gift guide. This is a compilation of the most popular Bas and Lokes handcrafted leather accessories this year. The people are always right, right?


Every single Bas and Lokes product is a timeless icon in the ever changing fashion world. And with each handmade leather accessory guaranteed to last a lifetime, this will not just serve as a mark of class this holiday season. Noo… Rather, it’s a collection of personal possessions that will share all the moments of your life with you – the highs and lows. You can always rely on our goods.

Happy shopping folks!

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Introducing the “James” Handmade Natural Vegetable-tanned Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag


Many a women folk need a modest suitcase to carry their toiletries in – others somewhat large – but a traveling man only requires a couple of essentials and he’ll be good to go. All the same, the man also needs a place to pack these items. Enter the dopp kit! It has been around for some time now. Know how they came to be? Let’s take a brief travel back in time, shall we?

It was in the early 1900s, 1919 to be exact, that dopp kits came into existence, courtesy of one German leather goods craftsman who immigrated to Chicago: Government name, Charles Doppelt. It is from his name that the ‘Dopp’ cognomen was coined, in honor of gifting the world this handy toiletry pouch. Doppelt was to later land a lucrative contract with the US Army during WWII, after being tasked with provision of the kits to millions of American GIs.

The bags became quite a hit and a darling of many, especially given that Doppelt’s were crafted from pure leather that could withstand the harsh conditions of the times, let alone during the war. The demand for the cases soared after American men went back home following the war, and just like that, a trend was born.


Bas and Lokes James black handmade leather dopp kit toiletry bag

Dopp pouches are readily available. In fact, you can find them in stores for less than $10. And sure, get the job done they will. But if it’s class you want, class you’ll only find in leather baby. You’ll fork out more that’s for sure, but what lasts forever, ages gracefully and something you can be proud of owning and carrying around that isn’t? That’s what good leather gets you. Sure, diamonds too…Something you can pass down through generations, and share the tales of all the places you’ve been to with it.

Our very own Bas and Lokes “James” handmade toiletry bag design guarantees you longevity, quality, style and class all stowed in one sturdy but lightweight, luxurious case. Just like any dopp kit, you can pack an array of essentials in it at once: deodorant/anti-perspirant/cologne, shampoo/conditioner, bar of soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, shaving supplies (cream, razor, brush), lip balm, safety pins you name it. But unlike any other case, this, this right here will be a fashionable travel yokefellow that will be handed down even to your grandson, all the while achieving a lovely patina as the years wear on.


Bas and Lokes James natural handmade leather dopp kit/toiletry bag

Initially, we offered the toiletry bag only in black, but with many requests coming in for natural, the best we could have done was bring it to fruition . We are proud to present the “James” Natural Handmade Leather Dopp Kit: the definition of beauty, seduction, and the mark of a true, meticulous man. It’s difficult to resist, no? Well, for those who still prefer the darker tastes in life, the classic “James” Black Handmade Leather Toiletry Bag will cut.

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Q & A Interview: Bas and Lokes vs. Grant

Bas-and-Lokes-Handmade-Leather-Goods-Customer-interviewHowdy all,

We’ve decided to throw in some customer life experiences, as promised in an earlier post, that we think are worth sharing with you. We reached out to one of Bas and Lokes’ loyal customers to learn more about his story, his name is Grant (right up there doing the dirt jump). Hails from Perth, Australia, but he’s been on a wild ride across the continents.

And to kick things off, this is his story. We haven’t edited anything, as was shared. Nothing that can evoke the reaction of the government though :), I believe… Read more ›

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